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Meeting the needs of our customers is our understanding of quality. This demands continuous improvement. The ongoing improvement of all processes within our organisation is essential in order to meet requirements that are always getting more demanding.

Da wir Qualität nicht nur auf Produkte beziehen, sondern auch auf Arbeitsabläufe, Informationsflüsse und Verhaltensweisen, wird deutlich, dass jeder unserer Mitarbeiter:innen für Qualität verantwortlich ist.

In series production or in planning your component production: Our high quality standards, engagement and innovation are reflected by ISO/TS 16949 certification (according to automobile industry requirements) as well as our ISO 14001 environmental certification and, not least, by the satisfaction of our customers.

Metal processing of top quality

Our processes and procedures are subject to continuous improvement. High-performance tools and a standard ERP system support advance quality planning and the analysis of all quality data. We operate an integrated management system across all locations, putting customer satisfaction first.

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All phases of the product life cycle are optimised with end-to-end transparency and stability in all quality processes. Central, fully integrated data management supports the establishment of a Schlote standard and uniform methods in all plants.

Ease of integration in higher-level management systems is an essential requirement for quality management. An interface to the ERP system for the exchange of all relevant order data was the solution to avoid data redundancy.

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Q.Wiki is the company portal for the transparent documentation of processes, the sharing of employee knowledge and the joint further development of the company. We also use Wikipedia®-based quality management documentation in the Schlote Group. This interactive management system ensures that all employees can benefit equally from consistently current, accepted and effective processes, specifications and performance figures in their daily work.

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