Our environmental responsibility

Our commitment to environmental protection and resource conservation is an entrepreneurial challenge for our company.

Active environmental protection and the best possible quality of the products we manufacture form the basis of our daily work. We don’t wait for problems before taking action, but integrate environmental protection into our business activities from the outset.

The companies in the Schlote Group are certified according to ISO 14001 or EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). We thereby document our environmental responsibility for our employees, customers and the general public.

Through sustainable, environmentally aware action, we make an important contribution to the conservation of resources for future generations.

Energy management

Our understanding of sustainable, energy-efficient action.

Since we want to stay true to our principle of “preventing problems through action rather than solving problems” in all aspects of our environmental protection agenda, energy management also plays a significant role at Schlote in order to reach our targets.

We have identified our energy consumption as a crucial parameter. Our approach is therefore to continuously reduce our specific energy demand, and thus our CO2 emissions. Here the interplay of energy awareness with economic thought and action represents a major challenge that we rise to every day. We understand that our know-how and technical expertise not only help us with the economic optimisation of our day-to-day production capabilities, but can be used equally to improve energy efficiency.


This allows us to conserve resources and safeguards our future. Since safeguarding the future is always a team effort, saving energy is also a shared task for us. All Schlote employees make a personal contribution to energy conservation in their daily work, playing a crucial role in the continuous improvement of the energy balance throughout the company.

For us, sustainability means leading the way.

We intend to lay the foundation for continuously improved energy management by setting a good example. Therefore, we not only promote resource conservation by our employees in their work, but also support innovative projects and ideas to improve energy efficiency. We are convinced that we are taking an important step in the right direction with our energy management approaches. We build sustainability. We safeguard our future together.


Sustainability and environmental protection at Schlote includes:

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