Schlote single component and small series production

Schlote single component and contract manufacturing for small series (ETF)

Schlote manufactures single components and small series according to your drawings and data. This includes pre-series and after-market production in addition to medium and large series production.


Production technology for single components and small series

Our latest machine technology tailored to small series produces high-quality components using efficient machining processes – with high flexibility and short response times, also for sophisticated designed components and complex customer requirements. Turning, cylindrical grinding and milling are among our special strengths.

We have an extensive network for the procurement of unfinished parts and for surface finishing, offering you complete solutions from one source.

In Quality Assurance, we have the capabilities to meet all customer requirements regarding documentation and traceability. Our portfolio includes tightness tests and the verification of technical cleanliness.

Modern coordinate measuring machines and optical measuring equipment are available to verify drawing specifications.

Measuring and test equipment monitoring is digitalised.

Component portfolio for small series and single component production (designed components)

Design of single components and small series

Schlote uses the latest CAD/CAM systems to design and manufacture single components and small series, and to plan production processes. Area and volume models provided by our customers can be transferred directly to NC programs in the course of component design as well as production and manufacturing planning. This supports a fast production flow. Our software systems include the following in particular:

  • CAM: FeatureCam, NCG-CAM, PowerMill
  • CAD: SolidWorks, Creo

Normgerecht für Ihre Prototypenentwicklung und Non-Serienfertigung

Schlote setzt kompromisslos auf modernste Herstellungsverfahren, modulare Fertigungskonzepte und vollautomatisierten Produktionsanlagen. Der hohe Anspruch an Qualität, Engagement und Innovation spiegelt sich u.a. in der Zertifizierung nach den Bestimmungen der IATF 16949 gemäß Anforderungen der Automobilindustrie, der DIN EN ISO 14001 im Bereich Umweltschutz sowie die DIN EN ISO 50001 für den Bereich des Energiemanagement wieder. Die Zertifikate können Sie im Download-Bereich einsehen.

Die Schlote Technology ist nach DIN EN 9001 zertifiziert.

Philipp Schlote Geschäftsführung

Schlote Technology GmbH
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☏ +49 (5127) 983-90
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