Getriebe- und Antriebstechnik Wernigerode GmbH

Getriebe- und Antriebstechnik Wernigerode GmbH is based in Wernigerode, the well-known holiday and resort town on the northern slopes of the Harz Mountains. GAW currently has around 240 employees.


We offer a broad range of services to our customers:


High quality standards, engagement and innovation are reflected by ISO/TS16949 certification according to automobile industry requirements as well as DIN EN ISO 14001 for environmental protection.

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Driven to succeed

Over the last few years, Getriebe- und Antriebstechnik Wernigerode GmbH as an automobile industry supplier developed from contract manufacturing into a supplier of components and assemblies. This milestone in moving up the supply chain is based on a company structure, which is guided by the following values:

1. Employee orientation

Consistently promoting the skills and abilities of each employee, utilising individual competencies and strengths.

2. Customer orientation

Ongoing further development of technical and technological capabilities to continuously improve customer service in line with the business objectives.

3. Quality orientation

Establishment and safeguarding of a quality level that supports success, in conjunction with certified environmental management throughout the company.


Getriebe- und Antriebstechnik Wernigerode GmbH has received subsidies for various expansion investments from the European Regional Development Fund.

Founding and development

The company emerged from Vorrichtungs- und Lehrenbau Walter Eckold founded in 1936, which produced fixtures and components for the aviation industry.

Production of continuously adjustable chain drives and spreader rolls began in 1951. The company has enjoyed national and international success in this field over the past decades.

Since April 1996, the company has been active in the market as Getriebe- und Antriebstechnik Wernigerode GmbH, primarily as a service provider for the automobile industry.

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The company received the “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” SME prize from the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation, among other things for creating new jobs and training positions, investing in equipment, regional engagement, service and customer orientation.

After receiving this “Oscar for SMEs” in 2001, the company was again honoured in September 2003 as a finalist for “Oskar’s Oscar”.

Getriebe- und Antriebstechnik Wernigerode GmbH

Schlachthofstr. 2
38855 Wernigerode

Telefon: +49 (0) 39 43 / 678-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 39 43 / 678-203


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Shaping the future together. 1,600 employees, of which more than 50 are trainees, stand behind the success of the Schlote Group – the international partner and series supplier for automobile manufacturers and other branches of industry. We are always growing and seeking employees to support us with energy and a sense of fun – for daily joy, recognition and success.

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