Employees – the driving force of our success

We have successfully positioned ourselves in the market over recent years and decades, resulting in significant growth. We primarily owe this expansion to the commitment and loyalty of our employees – especially in difficult situations.

Employees are our key success factor. They come first in our company. The demands placed on our employees are defined by flexibility, readiness for action and the lasting urge to continue the company’s development. The quality of our products and processes is directly related to the quality of work performed by our employees every day. We are convinced that our employees represent our company’s key competitive advantage. We therefore implement intelligent HR projects to ensure that we place the appropriate weight on the key factor – PEOPLE IN THE COMPANY. Our goal is to get employees excited about our company through attractive jobs, interesting and challenging tasks, and a modern understanding of leadership.


By defining standards in writing for the first time, we therefore describe values and norms for our management team that are representative for the Schlote Group and should be reflected by the leadership conduct of our managers.

All managers bear responsibility for putting this perspective into practice on a daily basis, since the leadership model forms the foundation for the shared understanding of our managers.


Social Corporate Responsibility

We take our social responsibility seriously. Forward-looking business management, the fair treatment of employees and assuming social and environmental responsibility are the pillars of our social engagement.

For us, social responsibility means:

Shaping and safeguarding the future – leading by example

We believe that social engagement means supporting institutions and organisations, also outside our company, that effectively support families and youth. Our activities in this regard focus on supporting and working closely with FiN (Familien in Not). We want to make a lasting contribution and provide access to technology and education to the people concerned (for example, through work placements or training). We also support families and youth through various funding initiatives by providing technical and financial resources.

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