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At our ten sites in Germany, the Czech Republic and China.

Our occupational groups. Your opportunities.

As a production company in the metals industry, Schlote employs numerous skilled workers and employees in technical and non-technical occupational groups at all our sites. These include the following occupational groups and fields of activity in particular:

Technical employees

Schlote has highly modern machinery for series production. This allows us to meet even the highest quality standards.


Examples of jobs in this field:

Technical job vacancies are posted here:

Current job postings


The companies in the Schlote Group operate under a management system that bundles central responsibilities while providing managers with extensive creative leeway.

Vacant management positions are posted here:

Current job postings


Administrative employees

As an industrial production company with several sites in Germany and abroad, Schlote has a broad range of administrative functions covered by in-house personnel. Administrative positions are offered in the following areas in particular:

Administrative job vacancies are posted here

Current job postings

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