Schlote company philosophy

Absolute customer satisfaction is our primary goal. This also presumes a high level of employee satisfaction with the overall conditions in the company.

To reach this goal, people come first in all Schlote companies: We believe qualified, motivated employees are the key prerequisite for reaching our goal. We view quality and environmental management as an integrated corporate governance tool. Correspondingly, we value the optimal use and further development of this tool by every employee according to their value contribution.

We thereby continuously improve and expand our offers for the benefit of our customers and the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

We focus on cost effectiveness, flexibility and user friendliness in the selection of our technologies.

At the same time, we use modern and efficient means to optimise the environmental impact of our activities and to use resources as effectively as possible.

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Schlote guiding principles – vision and mission

Our vision

“Success through innovative technology”.

While our products and range of performance may change, this vision permanently guides and accompanies us.

Our mission

  • We are EXPERTS for precision parts – a midsize family-run company.
  • We overcome CHALLENGES for our customers, both domestic and international.
  • We are an effective TEAM, ambitious, process-oriented and flexible.

Our values

QUALITY ORIENTATION: Builds customer satisfaction and safeguards our company’s future through outstanding quality of the products and processes as well as employee expertise.

INTEGRATED THINKING: Encompasses all stakeholders and factors to the greatest possible extent in order to obtain a comprehensive basis for decision-making.

SOLUTION ORIENTATION: Shortens the path to the solution by surmounting challenges using a constructive, formative and goal-oriented approach.

RELIABILITY: Ensures successful collaboration and builds trust.

APPRECIATION: Promotes human cooperation

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