Schlote metal processing materials

At Schlote, we machine and process products resulting from various manufacturing methods.

Hierzu zählen in erster Linie folgende Werkstoffe

  • Leichtmetalle (Aluminium und Magnesium)
  • Druckguss (Aluminiumdruckguss, Magnesiumdruckguss)
  • Stahl und Schmiedeeisen
  • Eisenguss (Grauguss, Sphäroguss, Temperguss und Stahlguss)
  • Kokillenguss
  • Sandguss

Schlote metal processing alloys

Schlote is also well versed in the specific requirements for the processing of various metal alloys. These include:

  • All light metal alloys
  • All cast iron alloys with flake graphite
  • All cast iron alloys with vermicular graphite
  • All cast iron alloys with spheroidal graphite
  • All cast steel alloys (1.4837, 1.4838, 1.4848 and 1.4849)
  • White malleable cast iron
  • Various steel alloys

Schlote – your specialist for the processing of all metals

Our specialised knowledge of a wide variety of materials is reflected by specific and in part complex manufacturing cells and production lines today. Castings and forgings are the focus of production.

Please contact us if you have questions about the metal processing methods, techniques and materials used by us.

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