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Promoting co-operation between educational institutions and companies: Schlote Group at the Hildesheim educations' meeting

Harsum - The promotion of networks, the development of talents and their targeted utilisation are fundamental principles upheld by the Schlote Group. These values were at the centre of the recent Hildesheim sponsors' meeting, where the Schlote Group was invited to give a presentation.

In its presentation, the Schlote Group emphasised the importance of promoting people and their individual talents. It is convinced that true potential can only be realised if talents are used correctly. In this context, networks with training providers are of crucial importance.

Kai Ostholthoff, HR Business Partner at the Schlote Group, had the honour of being the first business representative to give a keynote speech on the topic of "Employer requirements for training providers" at the Hildesheim educations' meeting.
The Hildesheim educations' Meeting is a unique platform that has been promoting dialogue between training providers, the JobCentre and the Federal Employment Agency since 2018. It was a special opportunity for the Schlote Group to have a productive dialogue with the participants.

Special thanks go to the Hildesheim meeting of organisations for the opportunity to exchange ideas and for allowing the Schlote Group to make a contribution. The event was also supported by renowned organisations such as the WBS GRUPPE, the DAA Stiftung Bildung und Beruf and bfw - Unternehmen für Bildung.

The Schlote Group remains actively committed to promoting talent, strengthening networks and achieving success together.

The Schlote Group is one of the world's leading development partners and series suppliers to the automotive and supplier industry as well as the foundry technology sector with customers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes and VW. With nine locations worldwide and over 1,500 employees, Schlote is based in Harsum near Hildesheim. The range of services includes the planning of production lines, mechanical processing of products made from a wide variety of material alloys, the assembly of ready-to-install components, the design and manufacture of die-casting moulds, tools and devices as well as the digital traceability of components.

Teilnehmerrunde Hildesheimer Trägertreffen WBS

Meeting of participants_Hildesheimer_Trägertreffen@WBS: Mr Ostholthoff (far left) as a participant at the Hildesheimer Trägertreffen.

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